The Kingdom of Lithuania was restored in 2004 by His Imperial Majesty King Roman, Emperor of Europa.

The Kingdom of Lithuania existed under King Mindaugas from 1251-1263. 

Gediminas died as King of Lithuania in 1342 after founding Vilnius as capital of Lithuania on the site chosen by Mindaugas. 

Vytautas the Great died at Trakai as King of Lithuania in 1429. 

Most of Gediminas' and Vytautas' reigns were as Grand Dukes but, though uncrowned, they properly died as Kings of Lithuania. 

In 1918 there was a brief but abortive attempt to make a German duke King of Lithuania, despite existence of a Gedroyc heir to the Grand Duchy.

This was the first attempt to usurp Lithuania from the rightful heir.                                          

His Imperial Majesty King Roman 1, rightfully became His Royal Highness Prince Roman 2, Grand Duke of Lithuania (which at 1569 including Belarus and Ukraine) in 1967, and he is the Sovereign of the Royal Order of Lithuania from 2004. 

In 2005, he proclaimed each of Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine to be Grand Duchies, and the whole to be restored as the Kingdom of East Europe, now the Kingdom of Lithuania in exile.



In 1795 Catherine the Great of Russia took over the Grand Duchy of Lithuania which also included Belarus and Ukraine. During the following period, letters patent continued to be issued for Lithuania to Princes Gedroyc.    

In 1918 there was brief movement, before World War 1 ended, to make Lithuania a Kingdom under a German duke. The movement failed when Germany lost the war.

In 1967 Prince Ronald Victor Charles Mann followed Prince Roman Emil Dambski, who had succeeded Prince Wladislav Ignacy Marek Gedroyc in 1943.

In 1991 Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine became independent of the newly collapsed Soviet UnionThey then proceeded to disregard their united history and their superior royal culture as former Grand Duchy and Kingdom. 

They later ignored the wishes of around 400 nobles in Vilnius 1994, who showed their desire to restore the Monarchy to Lithuania.

Today His Imperial Majesty King Roman regards the constituent regions, which have grown greatly in population, as Grand Duchies in their own right, and Lithuania as a Kingdom with Darwin/ Vilnius as the interim joint capital.

The Kingdom of Lithuania (including Belarus and Ukraine) is also now a part of the Kingdom/ Empire of Europa together with the Principality of Moldova and the Grand Duchy of Latvia (uniting the Duchies of Courland and Livonia) which legally accrue to the Grand Duchy/ Kingdom of Lithuania. 

For more information about the Sovereign of the Kingdom/ Grand Duchy of Lithuania, plus information on how to acquire a royal or noble legacy for yourself and your family, visit King

Royal Tomb of Gedroyc-Dambski in Warsaw
Royal Tomb of Dambski

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